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Looky Basic

Looky Basic
Looky Basic
Looky Basic
Looky Basic
Looky Basic

Looky Basic - a small, portable electronic magnifier

 The Looky Basic is  a small, portable electronic magnifier which you can use to view and enlarge texts and objects. It is ideal for use in and around the house, as well as when you are out and about doing your daily chores.

The Looky Basic

A small, electronic handheld magnifier weighing only 200 grams. It is so handy that you can carry it easily in your breast pocket.

Always a clear view

With the Looky the picture is always sharp and you can read the text perfectly. You can see the text in color, but also switch to black/white or white/black modes depending upon your preference.

Batteries: easy to use

The Looky is provided with normal rechargeable batteries. As changing batteries can be cumbersome, we have ensured that the batteries only fit one way, you do not have to pay attention to the + and -. You will also receive a battery-charger with the Looky, so you can charge the batteries in the Looky easily and quickly. After charging the batteries, you can use the Looky for up to one and a half hours continuously. For extended use, you can even use normal batteries.


With the Looky it is easy to write your signature or make short notes. You can place the handle in a special position and look while you write. This is unique.

Where can I use the Looky?

The Looky is ideal for use at home but also an indispensable aid when going out.

Looky Support

A specially designed holder for optimal reading comfort. The Support is meant to read more stable with a fixed magnification. The magnification is prior focused by sliding the Looky up or down the Support. The Support is a standard accessory to the Looky.

  • Can be used at home, at work, at school or out and about
  • 3.5 inch LCD display
  • 3-8x magnification
  • Folding handle, multiple positions for easy transport, handheld position and writing position
  • User friendly interface consisting of only 2 buttons
  • Multiple color modes:
    • realistic color
    • White/black
    • Black/white
  • Freeze function
  • Centered camera
  • Easily replaceable, rechargeable batteries
  • Batteries rechargeable with included charger