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Onyx Deskset HD 20" (Ex-Lease)

Onyx Deskset HD 20" (Ex-Lease)
Onyx Deskset HD 20" (Ex-Lease)
Onyx Deskset HD 20" (Ex-Lease)
Onyx Deskset HD 20" (Ex-Lease)
Onyx Deskset HD 20" (Ex-Lease)


ONYX Deskset models are ideal for clear, powerful magnification that is portable, adaptable, and easy to use. The Onyx are at home in any classroom, business, or home environment where they can be moved from one viewing situation to the next as quickly as you do.

The camera's mounting arm has three axes, and the camera itself rotates up to 350 degrees. This ensures you will be able to configure your Onyx in every situation.

The camera and the monitor can be raised, lowered and tilted forward and back for maximum comfort. The camera can be pointed at a black board or at the desk for reading close-up. It is also possible to view an object in front of the monitor.

Device Quality & Condition

  • Very Good

Warranty Information:

  • 1 Year Warranty


A choice of full colour, enhanced black on white positive, enhanced white on black negative, or an inverse colour mode that can be used to enhance contrast without loss of fine details.

  • Masking and reading lines.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Integrated handle Fold-away camera.
  • Remote with large, clear buttons.
  • Rolling case.
  • Focus lock.
  • Freeze frame.


  • Weight 7 kg.
  • Working space under camera 450 mm.
  • Magnification up to 71x.
  • Auto focus.
  • Several reading modes and a full colour mode.