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Sara CE (Ex - Demo)

Sara CE (Ex - Demo)
Sara CE (Ex - Demo)
Sara CE (Ex - Demo)
Sara CE (Ex - Demo)
Sara CE (Ex - Demo)


The SARA Scanning and Reading Appliance Camera Edition is an easy- to-use solution for reading a wide variety of printed material, including books, mail, newspapers, magazines, and so much more.

SARA uses the latest in advanced optical character recognition technology to scan text and then read it aloud in crisp, clear speech. SARA automatically saves and stores hundreds of thousands of scanned pages.


With no computer experience or training you can start using SARA right out of the box. Just place a printed page under the camera and SARA automatically scans and recognizes the text. It then reads to you with RealSpeak™ human-sounding speech. You can adjust the voice rate and volume, pause, stop, fast forward and rewind. If you want to take time to examine a document in detail, simply pause the reading, and use the intuitive navigational keys to read a word or a line at a time. Even spell words to gain a clearer understanding of the content.

Select different voices, scan and read in one of 18 languages or change the scanning mode to capture bound books then save them on the internal hard drive or a USB thumb drive. Perhaps you would like to choose one of the 222 classic novels that come already installed.


  • Plays audio books including Daisy books.
  • Large colour-coded keys with raised markings make the operation simple.
  • Attach SARA to a computer monitor providing colourful, large print access to compliment the speech.
  • Connect to a Braille Display.
  • Motion sensor for automatic capturing of pages.
  • Jack for stereo headphones.


  • Size 305 x 395 x 100 mm.
  • Camera height above base: 405 mm.
  • Weight 2.9 kg approx.

Device Quality & Condition

  • Good

Warranty Information

  • Warranty - 1 Year